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HAGIMEX is a Vietnamese company focus on manufacture and export of Canned Vegetable and Spices.

Initial desire was to contribute little effort to present Vietnamese products to the world market, starting neighbor and low standard markets, to distant markets which require high quality. So far, our goal is to bring goods to where of demand globally, with high and stable quality.

Since then, we have been studying, producing goods for the needs of high quality, to mix with the world’s supply chain. We constantly improve for better products, higher quality which fit and ensure health of the consumers.

By striving everyday within the company, we nourish ambitions, build human characters and together, we will contribute to make more delicious, comfortable meals along with total peace in mind and trust.

Room No. 311, B Building, 352 Giai Phong Str, Thanh Xuan Dist, Hanoi, Vietnam
Tel : 84-4-36649972/73/74 * Fax : 84-4-36649975
Email :info@agrovietnam.com & hagimex@fpt.vn
Website: www.hagimex.com or www.agrovietnam.com

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